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IPC Accredited School

Great news! We have just received news this morning that we have been accredited by Fieldwork Education for our IPC Program.  We are the first IPC Accredited School in Sweden, so we are obviously both proud and excited about our accomplishment. Seeing as both SIS and British International both follow the IPC, this is no small achievement! They even deemed the school at a Mastering level in 3 of the Criterion. I would like to thank all of the Primary school teachers and Fritids staff for their hard work and dedication, and a huge thanks to Ms. Nicole MacDonald for leading us through the process. Thanks also to the Parent Community, particularly the PTA- you do such a fantastic job of supporting our school. Below is the email that I received from the Divisional Director of Fieldwork Education:

Dear Chris,

Please find attached to this email PDF copies of the letter of outcome, the report and the improving learning recommendations from the Fieldwork Education team that spent time with you validating your school¹s IPC self-review and accreditation report.

We are thrilled that your school has been accredited with IPC Accreditation, with Mastering in three areas:
Criterion 1: A clear focus on learning
Criterion 2: A shared vision about the kinds of children we are helping to develop; and
Criterion 4: International Mindedness.

We very much look forward to continuing to work with you in the future, to improve even more the ways in which the IPC can be used to help children learn better, broader and deeper.

Please note that I have attached an IPC Accreditation logo which you can begin to use on your website and any other materials. Additionally, I have copied in a number of colleagues as I know they will also want to pass on their best wishes.

Many congratulations to everyone in the school and I look forward to meeting you in person.

With very best wishes,


Richard Davies
Divisional Director – Fieldwork Education