By telling us what we are doing well, but also addressing things that we can do better, you contribute to our quality and development work. All comments and complaints received are reported, analyzed, remedied and followed up. The experience is then returned to the orginisation as part of our development of the business.

Opinions or complaints about the daily activities are usually handled initially by teaching educators or mentors. Complaints relating to the orginisation are handled in the next step by the principal / preschool manager. For example, you may be unhappy with the actions taken by the school regarding the teaching of your child. Complaints on the conduct of the principal / preschool manager are in turn managed by the school principal. All complaints are handled confidentially.

Comments on the principal’s handling of a case can in turn be reported to the municipality regarding the preschool or the School Inspectorate regarding the school.

A notification can always be made directly to the School Inspectorate.

  • Complaints can be communicated to the school / preschool by e-mail, telephone conversation, letter or in a personal meeting.
  • Form for comments and complaints (in english) can be found here .

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