There are currently about 340 students enrolled at the school, with roughly 55-60 different nationalities represented. The largest contingency of students is currently from India, Sweden and the United States with approximately 10%-15% host country students at the school. Roughly 215 students attend the Primary School and approximately 125 students in the Middle School. The vast majority of our students are in Sweden on a temporary basis, with roughly a 25%-30% student turnover every year.


We utilize the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) in Grades 1-5, and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC) in Grades 6-9 which are programs designed by Fieldwork Education. We also utilize Common Core standards for Math and Literacy. There is a strong emphasis on a commitment to global and intercultural education. The school strives for academic excellence, a well-balanced development of all aspects of the student’s personality, a growth mindset and an appreciation for lifelong learning.



Our diverse student body demands a flexible and creative faculty. Typically, there are ten to fifteen nationalities represented in the teaching faculty. The certified, professional staff is selected from among the best candidates.



Currently, Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm is housed in an early 20th century brick, 3-story courthouse that was renovated in 2011 to create our school. It is an urban school, located in Östermalm in the center of Stockholm. The international school shares the campus with the bilingual school and some of the school facilities such as the library, hall space, entryway, playground, lunchroom and movement room are shared by all students. The international school has 16 full size classrooms, and approximately 12 smaller rooms that we use for a variety of subjects including EAL, Swedish, Music Practice Rooms and Learning Support.