We grow as one

Nurturing International Mindedness

In addition to a strong academic focus, Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm places great importance on providing a learning environment that nurtures values of international mindedness.  We aim to inspire and empower our learners as respectful, open-minded and empathetic global citizens who can make a meaningful impact in helping to build more peaceful societies. Our global citizenship activities help sponsor programs at Banquerohan Elementary School in the Philippines, as we build connections and collaborate across cultures.

Active roles

Global Citizenship claims to empower learners of all ages to assume active roles, both locally and globally, in building more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and secure societies.

  • Cognitive: knowledge and thinking skills necessary to better understand the world and its complexities.
  • Socio-emotional: values, attitudes and social skills that enable learners to develop effectively, psychosocially, and physically and to enable them to live together with others respectfully and peacefully.
  • Behavioural: conduct, performance, practical application and engagement.


Learning, Connecting, Participating

The key learning outcomes, key learner attributes, topics and learning objectives suggested in GCP are based on the three domains of learning mentioned above. They are interlinked and integrated into the learning process.

Additionally, through our connection with Banquerohan Elementary School in the Philippines we participate in feeding programs and home visits which enable us to share knowledge and a learning connection between our students and community and theirs. 

Our work in this area is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a planet-wide plan for peace and prosperity.