Tackling challenges in the community

Community Exchange is any voluntary activity that is designed to address a problem or need in the community. The purpose of this program at Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm is to give students the chance to develop as global citizens as well as to create an awareness and preparation of further international education. Community exchange helps students to understand the world around them, helps develop their international mindedness and creates empathy and compassion for others. It is designed to expand their view of the local and international community, while instilling a sense of purpose and pride regarding their own abilities and interests. Community exchange is a powerful act of gratitude which enhances one’s sense of self and belonging.  

Our Community Exchange Program gives students an opportunity to work with all of the below local and global organizations:

  • Global Citizenship Project 
    • Banquerohan Elementary School – Community Exchange Leadership students went to Legazpi, Philippines to work with the students and staff at our partner school
      • Fundraising – students raised 17.000 SEK to donate to the GCP
        • Sponsoring 10 special needs students transportation to and from school for the 18/19 school year
        • Sponsoring the feeding program for 2 malnourished students for the 18/19 school year
        • Purchased materials to repair ceiling in grade one classroom
        • Purchased 240 slippers/flip-flops
      • Bracelet Beading – ongoing community exchange activity to help continue to raise money for the GCP.
  • Futuraskolan Preschool Brunsbärsvägen
    • Middle school students visit after school and work with preschool children      
    • Preschool students come to Futura International and read books with middle school and 5th grade students                           
  • Plan International – International Child Rights Organization
    • Students visit once a month and help with administrative work, including reading letters from sponsored children
  • Stockholm Sjukhem – Elderly Home
    • Middle school students visit once a month for fika with the elderly and their family members
    • Primary students visit once a month to sing, play with balloons, perform magic tricks, and give cards and flowers to the elderly
  • Community Lunch for the Homeless  
  • Ung Cancer
    • Students bead bracelets to help raise money for young people with cancer
  • Homework Club 
    • Middle school students help primary students with their homework each week
  • Mother-Tongue Mentoring
    • Middle school students partner with a primary student and meet weekly to read, write, speak, and play games in their mother-tongue language. 
  • Morning Crossing Guards
    • Students help make sure children are safe as they make their way to our door each morning
  • Fritids 
    • Students work with our fritids students 
  • Science & Art Room Clean-Up
    • Students work with the science and art teachers to help keep the classrooms neat and organized
  • Library 
    • Students work with the librarian to reshelve books and help organize 
  • PTA
    • Students babysit during PTA sponsored events  
  • Kids for Peace 

The following are the required hours per grade; 

6th Grade  – 6 hours 

7th Grade  – 7 hours 

8th Grade – 8 hours

9th Grade – 9 hours