By letting us know what we do well, but also by letting us know what we can do better, helps us with our development and allows for quality improvement. All comments and complaints received are reported, analyzed, addressed and monitored. The information is then reincorporated back into the daily operation as part of our continual improvement.

Comments or complaints regarding daily operations are handled initially by our educated mentors, and teachers. Complaints relating to the particular school/pre-school are handled by our principals/pre-school principals. This may include, for example, if you are not satisfied with the measures taken by the school regarding the education for your child. Complaints regarding the principals/pre-school principal’s actions are handled by our CEO. All complaints are handled confidentially.

Complaints can be communicated to the school by e-mail, telephone, and letter or in a personal meeting.

A form for comments and complaints (in English) can be found here.

The Principal’s responsibility for handling complaints is enshrined in the Education Act (2010: 800) Chapter 4 Section 8.

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