Discovery Project

In Grade 9 we aim to prepare our students for the rigour of an international education. In Grade 9, all of our students are expected to complete a 6 month ‘Discovery Project which is the culminating project of our students Middle School experience. The Discovery Project is independent project work based on the student’s interests and talents, resulting in a product or outcome presented at the end of their Grade 9 year. Through these efforts our students strengthen their abilities in research, reflection, personal engagement, creativity and project management, and better prepare themselves to be motivated independent learners in high school.

Below are some examples of Grade 9 Student Discovery Projects:

Video: A successful Discovery Project.

“Bringing Water to the Villagers of La Guajira”. Our grade 9 student found a need; the village of La Guajira lacked water. The project was brought to life through research, fundraising, more research, collaboration and many hard efforts. Our student successfully brought water to the village. This is the student’s own footage of her successful Grade 9 Student Discovery Project.