Welcome to Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm! 

I hope you are relaxed, recharged and ready to start a new school year. I am so delighted that you are part of our amazing learning community. I welcome and value your positive energy and dedication to excellence in education, and I look forward to working with you and your children.

All signs point to another incredible and productive school year. Our skilled and devoted staff is already planning and preparing for your child(ren). Our enthusiastic office team is registering new families, ordering needed materials and updating student files. Our hard working and conscientious custodians have spent the entire summer thoroughly cleaning the facility. And, our much-appreciated PTA is gearing up to welcome families, provide volunteer opportunities, and offer other exciting events and programs. We are indeed a joyous and caring community with the common goals of nurturing responsible, caring students and promoting high-level learning.

With that being said, we are planning for a beginning like no other we have seen in the past, our focus will still be to ensure that:

 – every child, every day is finding a way to feel successful

 – every child, every day is being challenged by new learnings and experiences,

 – and every child, every day knows they are visible and have a champion they can turn to.

Spring of 2020 has challenged staff and students, all of us really, in many ways, to find a new normal for learning, connected us in new ways and required, at times, our champions to champion from afar.  What I have most learned through this process is how much I:

– appreciate the expertise our teachers bring to Futuraskolan International School, they are the caring, professional heroes we are grateful for
– appreciate the adaptable and resilient ways in which our students continue to work hard to learn and grow
– have gained appreciation for the little things in life – giving a high five, a hug or being able to laugh out loud or sneeze with many people around. 

What I MOST appreciate about Futuraskolan International School is how even under circumstances we have never experienced we are still a learning and caring community. 

Normal is such a simple word and it is our goal at Futuraskolan International to not only find our new normal, but to use this time as a learning experience that will forever impact our learning environment. We take the lessons of what has happened this Spring, and hope to apply them with adaptability, and as necessary, to what may come our way this Autumn. We operate as an international community who follows the advice and direction of our Swedish governing bodies, we are aware that can present a challenge for us all, in different ways, but the ability for us to remain empathetic to our situation is what continues to make our community special.

Thank you to all who are helping prepare for the new school year. Your commitment to ensuring that Futuraskolan International School remains a celebrated and successful school is awe-inspiring. I eagerly look forward to greeting students and families again. It remains an honor and privilege to serve as your principal.  Please stop by and say hello. Together, I know we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all children.

Warmest Regards and Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Nicole MacDonald